Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two swims: one yesterday in the pool; today in Aquatic Park. I had to hurry to get any sort of the swim in--we were running errands and the pool at the JCC closes on Saturday at 6:45. I got in 52 lengths--which was good enough. I was surprisingly sore--and my shoulder was a little tight. I didn't expect this since I took Friday off. But it was good to get something in--and I'm trying to get in work now since I'm going to take a few days off next week as we are in Los Angeles.

Today I swam in the morning in Aquatic Park. It was a beautiful morning (yesterday was overcast throughout the city) and I had very little problem getting in (it makes a huge difference to have a cap) and I swam two laps around the buoys. I felt great and wanted to swim more--perhaps to the historic ships. But I kept in the lanes and swam for about 42 minutes, or about .75 of a mile. My wetsuit zipper stuck at the top again and I had to have someone help me out. I need to practice with this. Today Alcatraz seemed possible.

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