Monday, July 5, 2010

On Saturday I swam in Aquatic Park. The family came down and helped me get ready. I put about 40 minutes in the water--although I really think I need to get in an hour now--40 minutes doesn't really seem like enough. This time I swam the lanes (back and forth) twice and added on a little mileage swimming towards the historic ships. I am feeling more comfortable out there and even getting the courage to swim away from the lanes and out a bit toward the opening (but not too far). Afterwards we took the kids to Ghirardelli Square and I carried around my wetsuit while we perused the stores. My feet got a little colder this time--but I tried kicking a bit to warm them up.

Sunday I rode on my bike for 1:35--out to Stonestown and then to Lake Merced and then out to John Daley Blvd--and made my way up the steep slope of John Daley to Mission/San Jose then to Alemany then under the 280 freeway to Glen Park and up O'Shaughnessy to Laguna Honda and down 7th Ave.

I took this route just to shake things up a bit and see the souther part of the city. It was good to be near the lake (but it's actually to ride on the bike path since there were so many walkers and joggers) and I liked getting to John Daly. I got a little lost in Daly City but figured it out. John Daly Blvd is a bit of a grind and the hill up to Mission is not fun. I liked riding down Alemany and there is a great bike path--but there are a lot of lights along the way, especially at Geneva and Ocean and so it is hard to take advantage of the downhill (it might be better to ride up Alemany). The ride up O'Shaughnessy isn't too bad and then the way down Laguna Honda and 7th is great--newly paved and a good bike lane.

I'm tired now (the next day) from the ride--even though it didn't seem like much when I was on it.

I love the corner of Rousseau and Still streets near the freeway--it's the best way to get under the freeway--it is a little forlorn out there, with 280 on the other side of the street.

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